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Jake Reicher

Senior Level Designer

Jake is an experienced game developer with 12 years in the AAA space, working in both Level and Cinematic Design.



I've been working in the games industry since April 2012, and have worked primarily in the AAA space. In 2012 I started my journey as a level scripter, and began to hone my technical and visual scripting skills while building and integrating in-game cinematics.

This cinematic work spanned a wide range of skills including animation, rigging, VFX, Lighting, SFX and even provided Mo-Cap floor work as the editor / engine specialist while filming scenes.

After multiple projects of the cinematic pipeline, I felt it was time to move on and made the decision to role change to Level Design in 2016. Since then I've been improving my design work and scripting abilities across multiple projects, contributing work to E3 demos, Campaign and Side mission content, and working on live game updates and DLC content.

Professional Work

Ian Rooke, Principal Level Designer - Ascendant Studios

“He's an excellent LD and I trust him completely to do amazing work with little to no oversight. He's thorough, has good attention to detail, he gets stuff done, he's easy to work with, the quality of his work is good, and he's been helpful in providing advice on tech issues to other LDs...He's killing it. ”

Justin Schram, Associate Quest Director - Playground Games

"Jake has had an exceptional year...He made strong contributions towards assisting with the E3 demo mission content...He is an asset to the team and has gotten stronger even since his already strong start."

Ben Aerssen, Principal Level Designer - People Can Fly

“Jake puts in a lot of time and effort into getting things working as smoothly as possible and that level of dedication really shines in the quality of his missions."
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